Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to jump in and help Moms For America Action (MFAA).

Our 2022 campaign seeks nothing less than to preserve and protect America against multiple forces who are bent of destroying it--Antifa, far-Left politicians, a "woke" generation, the 24/7 liberal media machine.

I believe Moms like you and I hold the future of America in our hands.  As a mother who raised and taught her children the unique American values encapsulated in our Bill of Rights, I am appalled by the daily attacks on our police officers and military personnel, the riots, the looting, and assault on our conservative vision for the nation--a nation governed by the rule of law

So please, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, join our worthy cause to preserve and protect America--and educate thousands of mothers through our national bus tour, voter registration drive, and our national outreach engaging national and local media.


Kimberly Fletcher, President

Moms For America Action

893 S. Main Street Suite 228

Englewood, Ohio  45322

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